PREYS ON COMMUNICATION TRENDS

Digital media define the future information landscape. Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate and do business. This transformation is only in its early stages. Medialynx helps market parties – companies, governments and NGOs – to design a pathway to an electronic information future. It does so in close cooperation with other pioneers, both legacy media and innovative start-ups.


The network society provokes completely new ways of thinking and acting. But it will not be easy to change existing and proven routines. Medialynx supports the creation of novel, innovative concepts for the production, design and distribution of digital information: from traditional to netnative, from office counter to e-desk, from print to electronic magazine. The challenge is to transform the entire production chain, not just put the trusted content in a new, web-savvy design.


The road from idea to practice is always bumpy and winding. Today is the biggest enemy of tomorrow. There are always reasons not to start something really new, to slow down the pace of change and to avoid possible risks for the standing organisation. For that very reason, it is essential to have a well thought-out change strategy once you decide to revamp your product portfolio. Medialynx opens views on how others have done this, nationally and internationally, and helps to devise concrete implementation plans.


To see is to believe, that rule of thumb applies also for the change-over to digital production conditions. Prototypes of new products or services are useful instruments to gain support internally and develop insight into the reaction patterns of future clients: audiences, customers, citizens. By first building a prototype, you can quietly tweak formulas, applications or routines. With baby steps in the lab one avoids major accidents on main street.


It is essential to get a timely impression of the product potential as defined by future users of innovative news formats. Also the content producers within your own organisation are stakeholders. Their views define the manoeuvring space for change. And what exactly is the added value of digital versions, compared to the traditional analogue ones? Medialynx maps and manages the expectations, responses and recommendations of all involved.